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 Action Asia January 1996 Issue     The Bay magazine     Discover October 1992 Issue     Internal Wildlife Magazine     Mabuhay May 2003 Issue     The Bay     Business Day    Mabuhay July 1992 Issue

Mabuhay July 1993 Issue     Mabuhay April 2004 Issue      Mabuhay March 1992 Issue     Business without Borders     Mabuhay Aug 1992 Issue     Discovery February 1991 Issue     Action Asia May 1995 Issue     Action Asia Issue

 Action Asia June 2003 Issue     The Bay Magazine     Mabuhay March 1993 Issue     Action Asia Issue     Action Asia June 2004 Issue     Mabuhay May 1997     Action Asia June 2000 Issue     The Bay Magazine

Mabuhay July 97     South East magazine     Rover Magazine     Haven     Action Asia Jan 1995     Philippines     Mabuhay May 1994     Mabuhay November 1992




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